About Reno CORE Project

Since Burning Man first came to the Black Rock Desert, Reno has been the Gateway. Over the years, as the local Burning Man community has grown, we “Backyard Burners” have become an ever increasing presence on playa, both in terms of participants and through support of substantial art projects.

In 2011, the first year of the Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) consisted of 22 effigies created by Burning Man Regional groups around the world. They were placed in a ring 600 feet around the base of the Man. Then on Thursday night shortly after dusk, they were set ablaze simultaneously. These effigies are a celebration of the Burning Man Regionals and their efforts to support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement.

The Reno community has always been very involved with Burning Man, as demonstrated by the construction of the 2011 Temple of Transition, The Trojan Horse Cart, Burn Wall Street, the Piers I and II, Mr. Jellyfish’s Georgie Boy and Ein Hammer, and countless other theme camps from Reno.

Not only is Reno important to us, the local Burner community, but it also bears major importance to the myriad burners who travel through Reno on their way to Black Rock City. Reno is the gateway before the Playa: the last staging area, rest stop, shower, or place that will be Playa dust-free — therefore, everything before setting foot on the Playa.

This is an excellent year for Reno to continue with the past successes of the art projects and camps based here. The local Burning Man community has swelled with pride and the dedication it takes to get these projects to the Playa and will support this project.

With the experience of the Core group who has agreed to help, there is vast knowledge, skills, and abilities to complete this project. Each member has led an art project, theme camp, or art car; has participated in Burning Man by volunteering for the organization; or has organizational skills and the desire to create an effigy for Reno.